Sell your stuff online, like you'd do in your store.

Livestream shopping is the bleeding edge of retail. Content creation, customer queries and shopping managed on a single online surface. Check-out is only a single click away from content.

Livestream e-commerce, retail on steroids

Add the dopest retail streaming channel to your own website with no effort. Distance yourself from your competitors by reaching out to your customers in an unexpected way. Be unique and build your own community on your website using live streaming.
Beef up customer experience
Augmented product experience
Combine selling and showmanship
Quality Q and A with your customers
Facilitate customer decisions live
Sell live to a virtually unlimited pool of customers
Quick and easy operation
Add a real face to your brand, yours.
Become instantly accessible

Why do customers go wild about live stream shopping?

Customers are getting ever more conscious. They expect more than a simple online catalogue of products. They seek a similar shopping experience they'd find in a physical store and the best way to meet this demand is to allow them to have a live impression on your offerings.
Real-time two-way communication
Convenient shopping
It's fun!
Unique and relevant content
Improved product experience
Embeds customers into the flow of shopping
Partake in the magic of being involved

 smuc technology

SMUC can be integrated with ease into any sort of website. Your focus should lie on your stream, leave the geeky details to us.
Website integration
with only a few clicks
Make smuc part of your web store or site by clicking a few
quick and easy
In a few minuets you can set up the size and design of the streaming window and also funnel the products.
Integration with Google Analytics
Insert your GA code into the stream with literally a single move and benefit from all the data you may ever.
Paralel live streaming across multiple platforms using SMUC
SMUC will facilitate your efforts to stream across your various accounts on FB, Twitch, YT and LinkedIn at.
customer support
Our highly trained support colleagues are always available to assist you, should you come across any.
Solid and scalable cloud-based infrastructure
The number of potential viewers on your stream are virtually unlimited. No more bottlenecks. The viewers will not burden your servers, much rather smuc will handle these demands. So you could carry on streaming HD.

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