Affiliate Marketing With Livestream Shopping Is a Leading eComm Method


    Forging partnerships for mutual advantages has been around since the dawn of time, providing participating parties with great opportunities to promote their goods, gain reputation or access profitable networks. There has never been a more suitable and easier time in history to earn money or foster commercial development than via today’s cutting-edge technology. Fortunately, we have a great solution on how to ramp up your sales – affiliate marketing with livestream shopping is THE most powerful e-comm strategy around. 

    Whether we’re talking about companies, solo entrepreneurs, or influencers, popularising products and services with a video shopping solution is a certain game changer. Let’s see why.

    Video Marketing Outstrips Old-Fashioned Practices

    The time of conventional online sales methods is up. Digital billboards, banner ads and written material aren't the way to capture people's attention anymore. Video content is the hottest and most effective strategy to achieve this goal, as recent data shows. According to eMarketer's estimates, online consumers spent 83 minutes watching digital videos daily in pre-COVID years, which jumped to 92 minutes by the end of 2020. 

    No wonder this tactic works efficiently, considering that selling products via video is more persuasive than its outdated counterparts, and improves engagement along with trust. The result? Higher traffic, conversion, and sales! 

    Among others, Walmart and TikTok have teamed up and reaped substantial benefits from their affiliate partnership. And here's an even more concrete example: one of Alibaba's 2020 livestream shopping festivals in China featuring local influencers attracted over 300 million viewers and racked up a colossal $16.5 billion in revenue.

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    A considerable portion of affiliate collaboration still happens on social media platforms. While showcasing products with interactive tools isn’t a bad move, redirecting links and the lack of direct buying option still derail the purchase intent, attention, and thus sales.This is where a live streaming video tool, such as Smuc, enters the picture – affiliate marketing with livestream shopping makes up for all the deficiencies of other e-comm approaches.

    How Affiliates Benefit From Using The Latest Video Shopping Tools

    • Reaching more prospects: The multistreaming feature on unlimited websites and social media outlets helps reach out to more prospects and interact with them via live chat.
    • Instant purchase possibility: Affiliate marketing with livestream shopping means no annoying redirecting links, and no more browsing for the desired items. Potential customers can see all the displayed goods laid out in front of them in a clickable format, ready to be put in the shopping cart and checked out right away. It’s all pretty straightforward with no need for the consumer to leave the stream, significantly shortening the buyer’s journey and driving up sales. Actually, according to a recent McKinsey report, livestream events’ conversion rates can easily go up to 30% and beyond, which is ten times higher than traditional e-comm approaches can achieve!
    • Customisable product feed: Whether you're introducing bestsellers or less popular items, Smuc allows for the pre-stream and in-stream customization of product cards based on real-time consumer feedback.
    • Quick, easy, and painless display of sponsorship: Share your affiliate links directly on the video while showcasing the respective brand's items. Then, embed the digital content on your website, and promote it through online ad spaces and unlimited social media channels.
    • Replayability: Once the live broadcast is over, it's still available to be rewatched, generating passive income for affiliates.
    • Retrievability: Since data is transparent and retrievable post-stream, it’s easy to track back and prove sales to the respective affiliate.

    The Essence of Affiliate Marketing With Livestream Shopping

    Smuc's live sales tool unites all the advantageous characteristics listed above, making it the no. 1 choice for affiliate marketers to promote effectively, while achieving higher conversions and sales through "shoppertainment". With the complete personalisation of the integrated product feed, easy communication, detailed introduction of items, multistreaming option, and shortened buyer's journey, successful shopping sessions are guaranteed!

    Are you ready to elevate your affiliate collab? Get started with Smuc today - stream right after sign-up, no integration needed. And no fees to pay! Just purchase viewer minutes when you need more.