Gen-Z And Online Shopping: A Farewell To Good Old Methods


    From the beginning of 2020, the e-commerce industry has experienced a larger demand for rapid digitalization than ever. As people were stripped of their chance to purchase goods in physical stores due to lockdowns and curfews, online web stores had to figure out how to keep up with an unprecedented growth in customers.

    However, not only this sphere of the online world, but consumer behaviour also has gone through a considerable change. Brands that have been striving to provide prospects with a richer virtual shopping experience were left scrambling for available technologies.

    Lately, the international e-comm arena has been concerned about how a whole new audience, Gen-Z, and online shopping would work out better. According to the report of Millennial Marketing, this generation wields an almost $145 billion yearly spending power. How can brands attract and hook these youngsters, who take up such an integral part of online consumption?

    Real-time video shopping platform solutions, like Smuc, have all the means to win over the Generation.

    Why Gen-Z And Online Shopping In a Traditional Way Works No More

    Gen-Z’s represent the part of the population who were raised in constant proximity to electronic devices. These individuals breathe technology, and it obviously plays a major part in their lives. Also, based on research conducted by Pew Research Center, they are reportedly one of the best-educated generations, with a good eye on where to spend their money.

    They have a serious craving for stimulus and high-quality products. They expect authenticity, transparency and impeccable functionality from brands; if they don’t get these, youngsters instantly bounce to the next virtual store that might meet their expectations.

    Based on the mentioned simple facts, Gen-Z and conventional online shopping just don’t meet eye to eye. Traditional webshops displaying their goods are simply not visual, modern, informative, and credible enough. Zoomers brought up in front of smartphones have higher standards in video content.

    That said, the appearance of livestream shopping on the e-commerce market is here to raise the bar and fulfil the needs and wants of this interesting demographic.

    How Gen-Z And Online Shopping Go Together Via Live Streaming

    Multi-platform livestream events that display items or services in real-time, with a flesh-and-blood host that talks them through products while keeping them entertained is an approach that caters to this age group. And the fact that these broadcasts are completely interactive, with a live chat system that allows for direct communication? It’s right down their alley!

    The iGeneration has grown up in a fast-paced world with increased stress. This means they are used to getting everything immediately, and ready for use. The embedded product feed in livestream shopping events serves this purpose perfectly. Why? Because the showcased goods are available to buy directly from the stream with only a few clicks. Thus, the customer journey is short, quick and straightforward. Also, there's no page abandonment or endless product catalog browsing.

    What’s more, brands have another ace tool in their hands: with livestreams, they can turn virtual purchasing into a one-on-one experience, allowing for personalization and trust building.There’s another intriguing fact to add regarding consumer behavior of this generation: according to Bigcommerce data, 65% of Gen-Zers have bought an item after an influencer recommended it to them. This essentially means webstores can invite influencers to host events and expect not just more viewers and higher engagement, but also an increase in actual purchase.

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    Thoughts To Take Away

    Since live videos are convenient to set up and start with a dedicated tool like Smuc, without any need for technical knowledge, brands should integrate this method into their online marketing plans to be able to reach this brand-new consumer group.

    Livestream shopping really bridges the gap of instant gratification for Gen-Z and hits the sweet spot to achieve this goal. Do you want to get more Gen-Z’s into buying your products? Smuc is just a few clicks away – check out our product plans here and exploit the endless possibilities of the service!