A New Tradition In The Making? Joy-napok And Livestream Shopping May Be Here To Stay

JOY-napok has been organized in Hungary annually for more than a decade, therefore it prides itself on generating a populous fanbase. Why is this four-day event so appealing to mall-goers? Well, decent discounts, a wide variety of products, and the bubbly atmosphere triggered by the chance to buy new items for the fraction of the original price certainly sounds attractive. All this seems to be quite idyllic, however, we all know what downsides the exciting product-hunt pairs up with: a huge crowd and neverending queues.

Thus, many plan their strategy beforehand, according to which they obtain the majority of the desired items already on day zero. But what if we missed out on this opportunity altogether? Fortunately, we don't need to accept our fate and squeeze ourselves into the sea of people billowing in shopping centers.

JOY-napok 2022 set up the usual schedule - with one significant exception. This year Smuc had the chance to collaborate and make everyone's shopping spree hassle-free while maintaining the lively vibe of the event.

Joy-napok And Livestream Shopping: Participating Brands

JOY exploited the rapid digitalization process brought about by the pandemic. The organizers made sure to allow for shopping online for those, who wanted to take part in the event without entering any physical shops. Smuc entered the picture at this point - we packed up the thrill of shopping and delivered it to people's doors.

The first online shopping day in Hungary went exceptionally well. Even though we've put a brand new service to the test and deployed a novel e-commerce tool, multiple brands joined the initiative where they could present their trending products via live sessions.

Helia-D displayed a line of wonderful creams, and serums besides filling viewers in on some pro skincare tips. NINI also proved to be a central figure of JOY-napok with livestream shopping - she introduced her designer bags to the audience herself, to which customers also got promo code access. Next-Time watch store also didn't wish to miss out on the possibility to show their popular watches via a dedicated live event, where they also shared some interesting info about the products.

What Did Participants Enjoy The Most During Live Broadcasts?

We were happy to see that several app functions catered to customers. First of all, they received a more personal, trustworthy, and enjoyable online shopping experience compared to browsing on a conventional webstore.

Secondly, the mentioned and introduced items were available to purchase directly thanks to the embedded product-feed, making the customer journey shorter and more efficient. How? Well, buyers didn't need to leave the video to put and purchase the chosen items in the cart, as they could perform the act directly during the video. Zero page abandonment and redirecting links were highly appreciated by the audience of JOY-napok, as they saved them lots of time and effort.

We Also Met Our Own Expectations Regarding Numbers

Since Smuc video shopping app allows for multi-platform streaming simultaneously across numerous websites and social media channels, a great bunch of data were at our disposal to help us compare live sessions run on JOY's website to social media live events.

Naturally, we've been interested in how broadcasts performed in terms of conversion rate. CR essentially shows, how many of the visitors actually made a purchase. While traditional marketing caps at around 2%, livestream sales reach a whopping 10% on average. In addition, according to the data of McKinsey, it might even spring up to 30-35%.

JOY-napok tested these statistics for us, and the results were far from disappointing. In the majority of lives, we managed to score an average of 8-10% conversion rate. However, there were instances where a 30-minute stream landed 30 purchases. Regardless of what viewer/purchase ratio we take into account, this is a rather impressive number.

Will Joy-napok And Livestream Shopping Return In 2023?

Since the first event was such a hit, we hope that we'll be back for another round this autumn. We'd like to thank JOY, all brands, and viewers for the participation - we concluded a challenging four-day sprint, and enjoyed every single minute of it. Let's meet up at another event!

In case video shopping has sparked your interest, feel free to reach out to us at sales@smuc.io. It's worth contacting us since we prepare a personal and free presentation for each prospect!

What do the participants say? You can hear about their experiences soon, told by them personally. In the meantime, please subscribe to our newsletter HERE, so you don't miss special discounts and useful information!