Six Essential Live Streaming Equipment For Successful Online Events


    Nowadays, communication is easier than ever. Long-distance audio and video calls connect us to the world, and allow us to do our work well and maintain relationships. Platforms with audiovisual content have spread around the web like wildfire, offering us an online space for information, education, and recreation. Before jumping right into live streaming equipment, let's take a very quick lookout at the most crucial communication circumstances.

    What's the single most important factor on which the success of today's technology stands or falls? High quality. We all know how annoying pixelated and rebuffering videos are - it just spoils the whole experience, whether it's a meeting or a live online event.

    If you've engaged in livestream sales, you know it's heavily dependent on high-quality gadgets. Gen-Zers have an especially low tolerance for technical difficulties, and would instantly leave a livestream that does not live up to their standards. Since you don't want to lose potential customers over unstable connection and bad audiovisuals, you need to arm yourself with the best live streaming equipment. We know your next thought is, "That will surely cost a fortune!", so let's quickly dispel your worries. You don't need to empty your pockets to start out with suitable gear, especially if you're doing livestream shopping sessions. Actually, pop out your laptop or mobile and you’re halfway there.

    How to proceed from this step? See our tips below to guide you through the most crucial live streaming equipment for successful online events.

    Indispensable Video Shopping Apparatus

    1. Webcam

      Clarity, definition and focus are indispensable for enjoyable videos – you simply cannot compromise on having a quality camera. According to Limelight's State of Online Video 2020 report, more than 50% of live broadcast viewers leave low-quality streams in less than 1.5 minutes. Therefore, as you literally have seconds to make a good impression, obtaining the right gear is a non-negotiable prerequisite. It's true – today's top-brand smartphones serve their purpose, and they’re a great budget-friendly option if you're new to capturing streams or likely to shoot videos on the go. However, for the long run an external webcam is definitely something to consider instead of the latest iPhone or Samsung model. Why? Because it provides you with much higher-quality output. Based on our research, the Logitech Streamcam, Elgato Facecam, Razer Kiyo cameras offer great value for money. Just connect your device to your laptop or PC, and elevate your live streaming game immediately.
    2. External microphone

      This is definitely another top-priority item on your live streaming equipment list. Built-in microphones may be sufficient in small spaces and distances. However, if you have guests, need to stream in a spacious room or showcase products from a distance, you cannot avoid investing in an external microphone. Fortunately, several budget and mid-range options are available to buy that offer impeccable sound, volume and clarity. Are you interested in our top picks? Well, according to our experience and findings in the topic, the RØDE Wireless Go, Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone, and HyperX SoloCast mics are some of the top picks for your streams.
    3. Tripod

      Providing a stable and fixed station-point for your events signals professionalism and keeps viewers more focused. To prevent your phone or camera from tipping over, get your hands on a tripod. You definitely need something that’s sturdy, compact, and easy to set up, especially when you’re on the go. Whether you prefer a tall or a tabletop one is up to you, but one thing's for sure – you'll see the difference in your videos right away.
    4. Gimbal

      If you shoot a lot of videos while moving, a gimbal would be your best friend. A gimbal is essentially a legless tripod designed for hand-held usage, with sensors and motors that support your smartphone so it can rotate steadily. Tilt, pan and roll your camera all you want, and still end up with stable and seamless footage while on the move.
    5. Ring light

      Are you in the beauty and skincare niche? Then chances are you're already familiar with this gadget. But even if you aren’t, this is one of the best live streaming equipment that can make you look extra good and glowy in front of a camera. It's a stand with a circular light, allowing for smooth illumination with little to no shadow. Coming in different sizes, a ring light can fit around your phone or camera or be large enough to record through it. The apparatus is excellent for centering light on the streamer or product, so details are clearly visible.
    6. Optional Live Streaming Equipment: Mobile WiFi Router & Power Bank

      If your life involves frequent travelling, it's undoubtedly a smart idea to gear up with a portable router and power bank. The router would minimise connectivity issues, while the power bank would ensure continuous recording and use of your equipment.

    Summing Up

    Starting out with the bare minimum when shooting live selling sessions is certainly a manageable option for the short run. However, when you get the hang of things, begin developing a constant viewer base and grow out of your shoes, it’s definitely worth investing in the best live streaming equipment. Luckily, there are useful devices for every budget, so you can upgrade your videos without crashing your piggy bank.
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