Peak Performance: Smuc Earns Special Classification at Web Summit 2022


    The world of e-commerce is a never-ending race for companies of all shapes and sizes, that work around the clock to continuously bring something new to the table and deliver constant value. Consequently, startups often find it a rough challenge to survive and strive in such a competitive environment. Smuc, however, sets a prime example for exploiting the right opportunities, standing out of the crowd, and sustaining product development.

    We don’t need to search too far to find support for this claim. Smuc, founded in Hungary in 2020, has managed to conquer local e-commerce events and circles, only to set sail towards international waters. Having been an outstandingly successful participant in a number of foreign forums, the company was presented the opportunity to take part in one of the world’s largest tech conferences: Web Summit. What a rapid and incredible development in only 2 years!

    This annual series of events held in Lisbon, Portugal is followed by keen eyes from all segments of the world. There’s no doubt why, as it provides a meeting point for the greatest tech companies around the globe, and representatives of selected startups.

    A Special Conference With Special Attendees

    Besides giants of technological innovation, delegates from international organisations, public figures, athletes and politicians also make an appearance at Web Summit. This year, the event was honoured by the presence of Queen Rania of Jordan, wife of the Ukrainian president Olena Zelenska, prime minister of Portugal António Costa, actress Eva Longoria, president of the WHO Foundation Anil Soni, the team principal of Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Toto Wolff, and the list goes on.

    Web Summit 2022 hosted more than 71,000 visitors from 160 countries, and over 2000 international media outlets, including BBC, CNN, Forbes, Fortune Magazine, CNBC and Euro Newsweek.

    Apart from tech leaders, 2,300 startups were also given the chance to introduce their ground-breaking innovations to the world. Only 6 Hungarian startups were found qualified enough to participate in this prestigious conference upon passing several applicant selection rounds.

    How Did Smuc Get Into Web Summit 2022?

    Since is considered the first on a world scale to present a solution to direct purchase from video ads (live or pre-recorded), its team instantly obtained a spot among the most innovative new brands. One of the video shopping platform’s most fascinating features is the opportunity to stream live sessions simultaneously across unlimited websites and up to 50 social media platforms. This state-of-the art solution is also perfect for broadcasting charity events, information campaigns and auctions.

    Smuc is a cutting-edge IT company that develops an e-commerce and ad tech solution that reforms conventional online sales. As such, it provides global brands, webshops, media publishers and marketing agencies with a new marketing and advertising tool. Additionally, Smuc shortens the buyer’s journey by offering direct in-ad purchasing of the showcased products or services. One of the most significant features of this video player is that it can be seamlessly embedded into webshops or websites – all without having a background in development! Moreover, it can be used and put up as online display ads.

    Another grand benefit of the Smuc player is that customers don’t necessarily need to come up with new ideas constantly – instead, they are able to convert existing video content into shoppable ads. How? Well, it pretty much takes just some copy-pasting of the desired links from YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo, and you’re good to go!

    It’s Official: A Smart Video Shopping Solution Deserves To Be Distinguished

    Web Summit 2022 also had a special surprise in store for our brand: it honoured Smuc with the “Impact Startup” classification, that’s only given to companies whose innovations have contributed to one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

    Although the tool itself is designed to provide internet users with a hassle-free, convenient and enjoyable online shopping experience, it encourages purchasing with increased environmental consciousness. Since video content allows consumers to buy products they actually get to know thanks to the interactive ads, returns are minimised compared to traditional online shopping on webshops. Furthermore, due to Smuc’s cloud technology, it comes with reduced energy requirements in contrast with those of currently well-known streaming services.

    Web Summit 2022 was a hospitable forum, where industry-leading companies opened doors to world-class startups to seek new ideas. Therefore, Smuc was also invited to the table to discuss options with respected managing directors from the automotive, beauty, electronics, fashion, and interior design industries. This way, this avant-garde video shopping tool is allowed to spread in the bloodstream of international e-commerce and sales.

    Web Summit Just Won A Returning Participant

    It’s safe to say that Smuc closed an immensely successful year that was crowned by the participation at such a global and prestigious event as Web Summit.

    Having been selected in a strict filtering process, then awarded a special classification bears evidence that Smuc genuinely is among the best tech startups of the world.

    Until next year’s event, we’ll have plenty of time and opportunities to further develop our services, so we’ll definitely be back in 2023 to amaze the world again. See you there!