Video Shopping With Smuc Has Solid Competitive Advantages Over Rivals


    Although there aren't too many competitors in the video shopping industry in Europe yet, it doesn't mean that such a business shouldn't always be up to date and include the most innovative features into its product.

    In case you're still new to our blog, let's quickly cover some basics, before we jump into why video shopping with Smuc is the way to go.

    Video shopping events are real-time streams held by a host. Their task is to introduce and promote the products of a given brand in an entertaining, informative and educative manner. Probably the biggest catch about this method is that each stream is enclothed with an embedded product feed that neatly lines up on the side or bottom of the screen. 

    This feature allows viewers to put the desired goods instantly in the shopping cart and purchase them right away. This shortens the customer journey significantly.

    Video shopping is deemed the future of e-commerce, and is spreading like wildfire in Europe and the U.S, after having conquered China.

    Smuc is a video platform solution that enables brands, publishers and content creators to sell items and services online, via livestream or clickable content.

    In the following sections, we spell out why video shopping with Smuc is the best choice for advertising your products or services.

    The Reason Behind The Skyrocketing Competition

    Nowadays, it's difficult to find a totally uncultivated business sphere. Well, that's exactly the case in Europe, that's expected to become the hotbed of cutting-edge e-commerce tools. Why? Well, there's an ever-rising demand for further digitalization, and video streaming has proved to be a much more convincing marketing method than traditional webshop browsing.

    How convincing exactly? Well, according to Wyzowl statistics from 2021, 84% of respondents in a survey declared that they’ve been convinced to purchase a brand’s item or service after watching its videostream. If that’s not proof enough that these interactive events convert better and drive more sales, then we don’t know what is.

    Video Shopping With Smuc: A Suitable Answer To Valid Problems

    Every brand and company uses video content, as it's a must-have tool in modern marketing strategies. Although the future foreshadows a video-dominant internet consumption, the capabilities of such content in terms of sales generation are still underutilized.

    Smuc offers a simple yet powerful solution to this issue, which lies in the maximization of content value. This approach allows the user to place immediately purchasable, bookable or simply clickable visual product cards in the stream. With such a user-friendly resolution, the demarcation line between the act of watching and the act of shopping is almost entirely washed away.

    Video Shopping With Smuc Strives To Address Common Marketing Issues

    Putting this respective industry under the microscope, a whole set of problems outline, for example:

    • Digital sales & marketing processes are going through a shift, as conventional methodologies are not powerful enough anymore
    • Cart abandonment rates are extremely high
    • The general online shopping experience tends to be dull and impersonal
    • Trust shown towards brands and products is decreasing
    • High consumer demand for interactive materials
    • Slow sales funnel in terms of time (one video might take weeks to generate sales)

    Current market solutions have failed to properly address and solve the above issues. The currently available approaches are the following:

    • Live shopping
    • Shoppable videos
    • Even though YouTube enables watchers to click on links in videos, those are usually ads or internal links
    • Products or external links are added in the description / bio
    • Product tags widely used by social media outlets

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    These solutions are clearly unsuitable to answer how a brand might generate higher sales conversions from video content and how it may build more trust in online shopping.

    What Competition Looks Like On The Market

    Video shopping with Smuc is naturally only one product-brand duo on the e-comm market. The competition grid is quite wide and differing. However, there's also good news: the number of direct European rivals is currently set at around five.

    From our comprehensive competitor analysis, we've found that there are three competitor categories to be differentiated: luxury, mass market, and non-defined. Although all of them have their own advantages, they couldn't manage to circumvent some obvious problems. Generally, these are overpricing, low-quality service, bad or confusing UX, and questionable stability.

    There's also a visible difference in product communication between brands. Video shopping with Smuc is the most function-rich choice. Why? Because it provides users with a platform to insert instantly shoppable/bookable visual links into live or recorded videos. In addition, Smuc merges all advantages in one: fair prices for outstanding quality, reliable stability, straightforward interface and unlimited multi-platform sharing of content.

    In contrast, competitors offer a plainer solution with way fewer opportunities. Moreover, they generally offer more expensive packages that aren't in balance with the quality the customer gets. This is further paired up with occasional unstable service and lack of transparency/easy-manageability of their product. The overall result? Decreased user experience. Lastly, they only encourage customers to start a live stream or upload a pre-recorded video and share or embed it on diverse platforms.

    Video Shopping With Smuc Has Strong Competitive Advantages

    With regard to the previously mentioned three types of market rivals, Smuc has a number of solid competitive advantages, which include:

    • Giving a luxury-like design and user experience on a very affordable price, without forcing the customer to go live
    • Smuc takes advantage of already existing video content. Using smart technology, it can transform slowly converting videos into instantly converting.

    Reasons Why Smuc Is The Go-To Live Broadcasting Solution

    Smuc helps brands and content creators to make the most out of their video content marketing strategy. How? Well, it simplifies the process of going from content to purchase. It also empowers them to create outstanding and well-performing real-time streams. These can be equipped with instantly shoppable cards and multichannel possibilities.

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    To put it simply, video shopping with Smuc is easy, hassle-free, quick, effective, and beneficial. It’s undoubtedly a powerful tool with an extraordinary user interface - at a much lower price point than its competitors.

    Are you already creating content? Just put some spice on top and make it instantly shoppable by Smuc.