Case study: retailers and livestream shopping make a powerful duo


    We’ve already brought multiple occasions to your attention in which live sales proved to be a sweeping success. Influencer collabs, charity events and filling online ad spaces with meaningful content are just the tip of the iceberg. In the below sections we introduce you to a specific sphere, where the utilization of this e-commerce technique brings fruitful results.

    Let’s dive into the mutually beneficial relation between livestream shopping and retailers from the perspective of a specific example.

    Livestream shopping meets a global food retail chain: Bannerse x SPAR

    The innovative livestream sales paired up with retailers bring about huge benefits in several industries, including boosted exposure and increased revenues. Bannerse has managed to grab and exploit the opportunity of teaming up with one of the largest food retail chains in Europe – SPAR. The industry-leading giant has over 13.500 stores in more than 48 countries across four continents. Additionally, it provides almost 15 million consumers with quality grocery products.

    Potential advantages and opportunities of the collaboration of livestream shopping and a global retailer 

    We bet you can imagine the potential advantages and endless opportunities that could emerge from the collaboration of livestream shopping and retailers such as SPAR.

    First of all, both sides can undoubtedly reap the benefits of gaining more recognition from people. What’s the result? A smart live video featuring the retailer’s items in a transparent product feed allowing for direct purchasing increases viewers and may turn prospects into buyers. Secondly, the retailer has the freedom to start a live stream event not only on its official website but also on social media – completely simultaneously.

    Moreover, the respective brand can invite influencers and popular media characters to participate in or host the whole livestream session. This alone generates a great deal more viewers, which is another advantage of livestream shopping and retailers. SPAR went through exactly these steps when using our video shopping tool, and we’ll fill you in on the details.

    This is what streaming live looks like with a global retailer

    Apart from being a prominent supplier of grocery products, SPAR happens to be a supporter of Street Kitchen, Hungary’s most popular gastronomy publisher, frequented by passionate foodies who challenge themselves to make unique and reimagined dishes. Chef Zé Fördős, creator and central figure of the company has held a number of live cooking events with his acknowledged colleagues using our software.

    Usually, Street Kitchen achieves a considerable number of viewers on its own. However, with Bannerse its numbers have skyrocketed, allowing multiple times more users to access and watch Zé cook live via the official website and across social outlets.

    The chefs made a shoutout to SPAR for providing them with fresh and high-quality ingredients. Also, Street Kitchen took the chance to promote its books, magazines and webshop during the streams.

    The forceful alliance that livestream shopping and retailers forge in order to attract prospects, generate buyers. It’s also a magnificent opportunity to gain recognition and build revenue. This duo is definitely something we’re about to see more and more often across diverse industries. After all, video shopping really IS the future of e-commerce!

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