Takes Over Startup Safari 2022


    April 28-29th 2022 marks the seventh anniversary of Startup Safari, an event that is going to rev up Budapest for sure, as the global pandemic put a stopper on it for two years. The list of attendees proves to be quite exciting this year, making it an event not worth missing!

    But first, let’s de-fog the air around Startup Safari

    What’s the fuss all about? Well, this event, which takes place at the most fancy and posh locations in Budapest, is much more than just a plain conference. It provides a two-day open forum for Hungarian and regional startups to introduce their business to the audience. This way, the speakers not only pin themselves on the Hungarian startup map, but also have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, social capital and build a community – something that’s indeed well-deserved after two years of isolation.

    This year, is one of the most potential debutants of Startup Safari, giving us a chance to bring livestream shopping closer to people. One of the most outstanding advantages of Smuc is that it shortens the conventional buyer journey, as thanks to the product feed embedded right into the live video, items can be directly put in the cart and purchased. All without redirection to any external page. 

    Moreover, the real-time available broadcast opens doors to direct and more personal communication, since the host of the session – let it be a content creator, professional, influencer or webshop owner – can answer live chat questions during the entire live shopping event.

    Furthermore, this revolutionary e-commerce practice provides content makers and ad space renters with a suitable platform with reselling potential, which is a brand-new business model to use with collaborators.

    Efficient and convertable tool

    With these features, a much more user-friendly and efficient commercial environment can be created, that is free from aggressive ad messages and redirecting links demotivating the buying intent. Instead, they build brand awareness, trust and user engagement, factors, that are equally significant in boosting sales.

    How can one be sure that this e-commerce strategy works? Well, it’s rather easy to prove –the stream can be linked with online analytics tools like Google Analytics, that allows the host to measure and follow the success of the session and products immediately.

    Don’t Miss Out On at Startup Safari 2022

    The livestream shopping possibility offered by is undoubtedly the next stage in e-commerce. You’ll have two chances to see this for yourself: 28th April at 11:00 our brand manager, Réka Leisztner is going to delve into the depths of the livestream shopping concept and explain how great potential it carries to take over the e-commerce domain.

    At 13:00 she will take the part of the moderator in a roundtable discussion with some of the most prominent figures of the Hungarian e-commerce market. What’s the venue for both discussions? It’s Twentysix, currently one of the hottest and most trending locations in Budapest.

    Join Us In The Most Convenient Way For You

    For the first time in the history of Startup Safari, the event is going to be organized in a hybrid form. This means that apart from physical participation in conferences, workshops and interactive programs, attendees have the freedom to join in via stream. Naturally, the seminars of will also be accessible this way. However, hurry up. Tickets for both on-site and online participation are selling at lightning speed! Therefore, we suggest you buy your ticket as soon as possible to guarantee your seat for our exciting gigs.

    Plus, in case our summary got you in the mood for Smuc, we have good news: you can try out our product for free! Don’t waste time, schedule an appointment with us and lift your business to new heights with livestream shopping!